El Dorado County Home and Garden Show - Party Room
We are very excited to introduce our ‘Party Room’.

The purpose of this room is for home based 'party' type businesses to be able to obtain an affordable booth, as well as have a featured 'party'. This is an extremely convenient way for attendees to purchase the many products available in a convenient manner.

The Party Room is in the Organ Room (Next to the Theater). Each booth will have an 8’ table and two chairs. Power is available in all booths, however an extension cord may be necessary (bring your own).
Booth spaces are approximately 20’ wide and 10’ deep. This allows room for your product and chairs for your party*. Booth price is $250 for the 3 days.

The Party Room is the only portion of the Home Show where exclusivity is offered. We will allow one of each type of business to be represented. If you have other reps within your business that sell the same product, you may share the booth, however only one rep is responsible for administering the Home Show Contract.

The “Parties” will be scheduled in 30 minute increments. If you need an hour, just let us know. All parties will be scheduled on a first come-first served basis; however each business needs to host at least one party during the show. Once each business has one scheduled time, we will open up schedule to 2nd and 3rd parties.

A schedule of the “Parties” will be printed in the exclusive Home Show Tab, as well as a flier distributed at the entrances.
Please do not use microphones for your parties.

Friday Party Times: Beginning at 12:30, last party at 6:30 (show ends at 7pm). Saturday & Sunday Party Times: Beginning at 10:15, last party at 4:15 (show ends at 5pm)

If you are interested in a contract, please Click Here. Please include your requested party time in the comments.

If you have received a contract and wish to pay utilizing PayPal, please click on the link on our Contact page.

*The “Party Chairs” within the booths must be shared. Each hostess that is preparing for her party is responsible for getting/setting up the chairs from the last party. Please be courteous and mindful of the schedule.

Important State Resale Information (permits required):
The State of California requires that exhibitors offering goods for sale (including food vendors) furnish a seller's permit prior to rental of space. If you believe you are not required to hold a permit you must provide your name, business name, address, driver's license number, reason for exemption, and a description of your product.
The name on your permit MUST match the business name occupying the space and the permit MUST be on display during the show. Click here to download an application for a Seller's Permit.

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